Data & Methods

Data are obtained by a series of specific surveys. For each survey experts from 40 European countries are asked to aswer a questionnaire and to provide information regarding treatment, patient pathways and regulations in their country. These experts are mainly board members or delegates of EADV, UEMS or EWMA. In addition, missing data is completed by bibliographical research. In parallel to the survey, an extensive data research for each country is conducted to characterize statistical and epidemiological aspects of skin disorders and costs of treatment in Europe. Data are double checked with each other and, if available, cross-validated with health care data from other sources, in particular from OECD health care reports.

The survey data are analyzed by descriptive statistics. Parameters are analyzed by country and then weighted by basic parameters (e. g. number of inhabitants). Multivariate analyses concerning epidemiological aspects, structure, treatment and outcome parameters are performed. Statistical analysis will be refined for the following surveys by use of the growing amount of data.

The answers of the past survey give us first impressions and many ideas for further questions in upcoming surveys focusing on specific topics and thus open up a field for research.